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Patented Thermal Technologies - Powerful/Compact/Low Cost

Infinity has patented the most advanced, cost effective heater ever designed.  From the Fuel Cell and Aero Space industry to Food and Pharmaceutical our heaters can be manufactured to replace all cumbersome inefficient conventional thermal units and systems. Our strength lies in our abilities to solve problems and economically produce solutions to all of your thermal requirements. Concentrate on your company's strength and let Infinity provide the rest. 



Water / Liquid Heaters

Air / Gas Heater

Instant Steam Generators

Customary Heater Capabilities

Cast Heaters/Coolers


Band Heaters

Cartridge, Tubular Heaters



Systems Design Group

Water/Liquid control skids

Air/Gas Control systems Modular

Steam Generation Systems

"Our mission:  Assist companies to create new products and systems that will perform well above the industry standard. Providing market share, sales strength and furthered market penetration."

 INFINITY FLUIDS CORP. - Technically advanced heaters

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